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To enable voluntary work we have the opportunity to offer home stay for foreigners that wish to help us practically, in any way. Our home stays is situated in the actual area were the work is done; this gives the voluntaries the opportunity to live like native Cambodians, and learn something about the living conditions in harmony with nature, and the culture of Cambodia.

You are welcome to volunteer for any time period, but we would love it if you could spend a longer time here. That would allow you to have a better experience and to learn more about our culture in the rural area of Cambodia.

You, as a volunteer, can be of any age. We do not have any upper limit, but if you are underage then you can come with your parents. Volunteering as a family may empower the family relation and bring new views to your relationship.


The key benefit of being a Volunteer is the personal satisfaction the volunteer assignment brings to you as you make a positive impact by sharing and participate in our development at our locations, in the provinces Svay Rieng and Battambang. It might also lead to a unique enhancement of your professional experience and your personal growth.

With a minimum placement length of one week this is an ideal opportunity to get an experience of your life. To live in the real Cambodia, and make a difference where you will work alongside Cambodians, see the real Cambodia and experience the local culture in a way that most people can only dream of. And you’ll make a difference in the process, helping improve rural communities take steps toward building them a life free from poverty.

TRK`s host families are located in the provinces of Battambang and Svay Rieng. Staying with a family is a great way to learn the Cambodian way of life, meet local people, see how they use their local vegetables to make their food, join the food with them and learn about the healthy plants growing in their gardens. Furthermore you are invited to join in local customs and traditions for both children and adults.

We give the host family money from your fee for support, food and board. Living is basic but all home stays have electricity and running water (some rural home stays may not have electricity or running water during times of drought). All home stays have been inspected thoroughly by local staff and chosen because of their safety and security.

Most volunteers love their home stays and feel that they get a more authentic Cambodian experience.

However, you should not expect to eat as you normally do at home. If you have special needs relating to food, please let us know ahead of time so that we can make arrangements for you. We will do our best to see that you are well taken care of, but as a volunteer, there is also a need for flexibility. Close


The registration Fee – 24/7includes: Support from staff, program marketing costs, administration costs, travel costs to inspect programs and communication costs with volunteers.


One Weeks
Two Weeks
Three Weeks
Four Weeks
Fee for five weeks is four weeks + one week and so on.
*The Program Fee includes: Airport pick up, orientation program, supervision, accommodation and meals during volunteer placement period, In-country 24/7 support, and In-country and administration costs.


  1. Visa, flights, travel insurance (mandatory), transfer back to the airport at conclusion of program, vaccinations, souvenirs, spending money (volunteers in Cambodia generally find US $ 30 to be sufficient for basic weekly expenses).
  2. Personal costs, for example if you would like to travel inside Cambodia or visit close by countries.


Solidarity Travels is a travel agency who also provide travels for Scandinavians to our NGO, so if you don't have the possibility to contact TRK's Executive Director , directly through our contact form then please contact Solidarity Travels

You may also contact Star Kampuchea a well known coordinator for volunteers here in Cambodia, they arrange placement in our organization, TRK a nationwide NGO.


  1. Download and complete the volunteer application form
  2. Read & Agree to our TRK's Child Protection Policy
  3. Attach a scanned copy of your valid passport and Police Clearance from your local Police to


You will receive acknowledgment e-mail within 3 working days of submitting your application. This e-mail will confirm and approve your given choice of dates.

You will be requested to pay US $ 100 (registration fee). Upon receiving the fee we shall contact your references, and subject to obtaining satisfactory references we shall then commence booking accommodation for your dates and confirm your placement. We send you further information on your place to stay, and other information relevant for you.


Deadline for payment of the total amount is 14 days prior to arrival.


Book your flights, get your insurance and any necessary vaccinations done, sort out your visas and passport, make sure you bring everything that you need, Keep us informed about your arrival dates and time - Make sure we know when you are arriving, and where can pick you up. Keep our contact details in hand just in case.

Testimonial by Harriet

Hello Everyone!

Hey my name is Harriet and I have been here in Svay Rieng province and this lovely Svay Toea village during one month now. Well I am leaving this place with a whole in my heart, it has been the most fun experience that I had during my Volunteering. This is actually my third placement, my second here in Cambodia. I have been so fortunate in my life so I got the possibility to travel around the world to Volunteer in different countries and at different places.

But without exaggerate I can say so far this was my best placement. The family I have been living with really took me in as a member of the family. Mr Sowath and Mrs Borin ar such generous people, we have been to parties at neighbor’s, we have had long discussion’s at late evenings, I have felt like home.

What I appreciated most in the family, Well actually I think it was our meals together, sitting down talking about the day, happenings, trying to solve problems, individual and universal, well we have probably talked about pretty much everything. And the meals, I got the opportunity to have ordinary Khmer food every day, and for some days I had the opportunity to cook for us, my western food.

My coworker’s during this time were all very helpful, and tried their best to communicate with me, though not everyone could speak English, but we managed with the use of sounds and body language.

My room is/was spacious and I had the opportunity to make it mine. This is a fabulous environment, given much time and places for meditation and even yoga. The villagers to make me feel really welcome and they always greeted me with warm words and love.

My work here was miscellaneous, they didn’t have any homepage so I took it to my mission here to build it “so I did” and if you are reading this then you have found it. I also donated money for one year for the web hotel. I thought that one month was too short of time to get involved in the children of this village so I was having English lessons with grownups, such as staff members and others from nearby villages and some people from our village. During the lessons we were laughing a lot and during building the homepage I came to a deeply understanding of this NGO and what they are doing. This is an incredible organization with so many wonderful people giving their time and effort to help and support others who are not having so much, even that those working here don’t have that much themselves. But they still give from their time and skills.

The villagers from all the places where TRK is working are all pitching in and donating, land, labor, time and sometime if they have money, just to help their fellow community member. Well what can I say other than that if you want to volunteer and really do something and experience the real Cambodia than this really is the right choice. This was my best time ever