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As of 12 August 2014, we have been supported by institutions such as COPION-Cambodia, Coventry University, Korea Hope Foundation and other related field NGOs, small groups and individuals.  These volunteers come from various countries, ranging from own country Cambodia, to our Asian counterparts Korea and Singapore, and even to Sweden. TRK would like to thank all donors and partners for their labor, generous donations and invaluable advice. Without all your hearts out for the Cambodians, TRK would not have been able to sustain this long to support our projects and the communities. We are grateful to the many donors that we have had during these years, not forgetting our staff members who donated their time and skills for this mission. 

YEAR 2013-2014

Name of Donor(s)Donation supporting projects
Gaija Terapi och Personalvard100 USD; Website building and hosting
Mr Sung Young Lee, Mr. Jung Je Cho, Mr. Won Joon Lee and Ms. Siyoon Park1476 USD; University support
Ms Kim Yenny and Jung-Min150 USD; Small Loan for Business Improvement Project

YEAR 2011-2012

Name of Donor(s)Donation supporting projects
Mr Sung Young Lee & team959 USD; Community Kindergarten & small loan for livelihood improvement
COPION volunteers  (for library and kindergarten improvement)1,100 USD; Non formal Education (Svay Rieng and Battambang) 
Anonymous donor120 USD; Chett Kuruna
COPION volunteers (for building electricity equipment)3,800 USD; Electric for Community Development 
Ms Chang Miae500 USD; Book support
Mr. Park Mu Yong490 USD; Library in Battambang
Mr Sung Young Lee, Ms Jeon Suli & team2,800 USD; Loan for University support
140 families from 3 villages14,000 USD; Installation of electricity and land for kindergarten
Ms Hye Young Shin100 USD; Electric for Development 

YEAR 2010-2011

Name of Donor(s)Donation supporting projects
Mr Sung Young Lee & friends600 USD; Community Library (Svay Rieng and Battambang)
COPION volunteers2,000 USD; Material for electricity equipment
Income from the electricity1,100 USD; Internal income
Ms Jeon Suli, Mr Kang Seok Yoon & teamLoan for University Support
43 families of Svay Toea Village4,000 USD; Electricity development

YEAR 2009-2010

Name of Donor(s)Donation supporting projects
Ms Yenny Kim50 USD; Community Library
COPION3,000 USD; Building materials
Ms Jeon Suli and team343 USD; Community kindergarten
Ms Chang Kyoung Lee200 USD; Community Kindergarten
COPION volunteers750 USD; Small loan for livelihood improvement
Ms Chang Miae30 USD, Community library 
Mr Sung Young Lee600 USD; Non formal education
Svay Toea villagers219 USD; Community library building
Anonymous100 USD; General donation
Cambodian Association at Canada100 USD; Community library

YEAR 2008-2008

Name of Donor(s)Donation supporting projects
So Borin974 USD; Non formal education


TRK works towards ensuring that the most vulnerable in our community have access to the fundamental needs and rights of life, for example, food, water, shelter and primary education. Our work is to continue this task and try to reach our goal, of equality in life premises.

We need support in any way, so if you have the opportunity to lend us a hand, we would be more than willing to have you alongside us. Currently, we are in need of many practical duties, so please visit : Volunteer Program or Solidarity Travels, for more information. If you are unable to be physically down to volunteer your time, you can also consider sponsoring some of our least fortunate villagers or their children, with economic or material support.

If you would like to help in any way, please contact TRK's Executive Director of this organisation, please refer to the contact page.